Sysgrids provides a fresh approach to IT change through delivering automation.  Build a series of templated processes to rapidly initiate projects. Remove mundane and repetitive IT administration in pre configured Excel Spreadsheets freeing up skilled staff to provide better service. Save on cost of third party toolsets by utilising the inbuilt functionality of Office VBA and Powershell. Benefit from robust and repeatable implementation, increase quality and remove defects.


  • Extract audit data from your network directly into Excel Spreadsheets
  • Use technologies WMI, LDAP, Windows Server and TCP/IP
  • Batch query multiple devices simultaneously


  • Use filters and sorting to analyse user and computer settings
  • Quickly compare many object properties simultaneously line by line, cell by cell
  • Highlight differences with data tools, validate and lookup


  • Pre populate creation and updates to users and groups
  • Use formulae to standardise settings
  • Remove typing errors with copy and paste


  • Output user and group changes to Powershell scripts
  • Test in sandbox environments
  • Provide robust update and rollback
  • Implement by administrators under change control